Tuesday, July 15, 2008


(I wrote this on June 29th 2008)

One of my greatest modern day heros is Truman G. Madsen. He is truly one of the greatest Mormon philosophers of our time. The man is brilliant. And I am always trying to get my hands on anything that he has written or said. I love the cd's I have that he did on the Prophet Joseph Smith. I have gained a deep testimony and love for the prophet since I've listened to these cd's. (I highly recommend them!) I have books and journals full of quotes as I've listened and studied. This week I wrote down something that Truman shared about a man outside the church and his words on Joseph Smith. When I find these little treasures, I like to share them...

"A book has appeared by one of the greatest literary critics in the world today, Harold Bloom. An author and professor at two prestige’s universities, Yale & New York. Paraphrasing his conclusion on Joseph Smiths writings and life;

“Not in the history of America do we have anyone who can reach his stature. The greatest religious minds of America, including David Thoreau, William James the founder of the great Baptist movement, Emerson and others are by comparison, pygmies, (sp?) and this essentially because of the product of his mind."

”Bloom doesn’t even want to argue the question of where their ideas came from, doesn’t even want to beg the question of whether there was any divine inspiration. He simply says, look at the product and you know that nothing short of wonder is possible for this man."

~Truman G. Madsen

Truman G. Madsen
Harold Bloom
Joseph Smith (I believe this was painted by Liz Lemon Swindel...but I'm not sure)