Sunday, November 30, 2008


All I have to say is that you have to have a heart of stone if that show doesn't either make your cry, choke you up, or at least touch your heart a lot! Every single time for me it's tears, tears and tears! It's very inspiring to say the least. I couldn't help but think of what the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson often say's,

"Find someone who is having a hard time and DO something for them."

If you ask someone who is struggling, "Is there anything I can do?" Or "What do you need?" They are 99% of the time going to say, "Oh I'm fine! or I'm okay." And guess what? They are NOT okay. I have learned that you don't just DO!

My little sis had a friend call her up and say, "Have 3 loads of laundry that need to be done and ready for me to pick me up." The lady came, picked up the laundry and brought it back clean and folded. I thought that was so kool! I KNEW that my sister needed that. That simple act took a small weight off her shoulders. Of course we don't want to impose on people...but I've found that when I call upon the spirit of the Lord and ask him "What can I do to help?" Little ideas will come into my mind. Don't ask people, "Is there anything I can do?" Just DO!!! Do something!

It is little or big acts of service that help us all to be sustained.

Also remember,

"For that which ye do send out shall return unto you again."

~Alma 41:15

Those words are TRUE.