Sunday, November 23, 2008


Pammy, Tiff, me and Stine.

...3 & 1/2 STARS!
Okay, so the day finally arrived. The day I've been waiting for for almost 6 months. Twilight the movie was released. About 6 weeks prior My sis and friend got 4 tickets. We were stoked! On the day of the movie we were even more stoked! So here's what I liked and what I didn't like.

1- The movie was really just didn't flow. I know every detail of that book and it is just frustrating that so many things were cut out. But I realize that it is near impossible to pull that off in a less than 2 hour movie.

2-There was a handful of cheese. Sometimes to the point of me cringing a little. Almost everyone I know has to point that out. The thing is, this is a TEENAGE VAMPIRE LOVE STORY! "Teenage" being the key word. Also, this is a low budget film. They had very little to go on and had they been given a bigger budget I know it would have been much better.

3- The makeup & hair was a NIGHTMARE! Who on earth was their makeup artist & stylist? Oh man! My sisters and I were talking, and being in the "hair & makeup" buisness...we were seriously disturbed. I am bound and determined to find my way to be on the next movie set to provide my service as a makeup artist. hahhah

4- They needed WAY more special effects. And that's where we come back to the low budget film. I read that they had little to work with. The special effects they did have were great! I particularly loved the baseball scene. :)


1- Of course, I love Rob Pattinson. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I think he and Kristen Stewart did a very good job. They both fit the parts well and for the most part I think they made a great Bella & Edward. (and despite the pasty white makeup on Edwards face...his hair was kool.)

2- The scenery was gorgeous. It just makes you WANT to be there. Also, I wished I had super powers and could run through those trees a hundred miles an hour. (I'm serious! Stop laughing!)

3- They did a great job picking the music. I think it fit well and added a lot to the mood of the movie. I had hoped they would use the "Decode" by Paramore song in the movie and not in the credits. It was written for the that was a bummer.

4- I still don't know what my favorite scene is. I'll have to come back and post it after I go see it again. :)

Overall I enjoyed it and would love to see it again. I think it's pretty 50/50 with those who will love and those who will hate it. I will say that I would NEVER go with a boy. They would ruin it by all the rolling of their eyes, yawning, and mocking. :) Thank heavens I was with my best pals and we had a great time! Rock on!

P.s. They made 7 million dollars in the midnight release alone! And 32 million on opening night. Obviously Summit Entertainment gave them the thumbs up to go ahead and start making "New Moon." I love that their budget just jumped up a huge notch and hopefully that will make it even better. :)

P.s.s. I think they picked the perfect girl for "Alice" she was my favorite.