Monday, February 09, 2009


Ode to my sister, Pammmy... on her birthday. :)

I just want you to know, that you are my funky cold madina, my Kolob, my holy grail, my binoculars, my brother of Jared, my blue butterfly, my wheels on meals, my protector, my defender, my Edward (sort of :), my vacation from my problems, my teacher, my example, my superstar, the apple of my eye, my rock, my Soph , my Sam and most of all my servant. (Could you tie my shoes please? Wink wink)

Truly you are a Savior on mount Zion. A rare gem that has yet to be revealed. You are a blessing to everyone you come in contact with…especially our family. If God gave me the choice to have Bono as my brother or you as my sister….I would choose you. Although…it wouldn’t be easy. That’s a tough call. I might have to do an Innie Meanie Minie Moe! Bah hahhaha jk

May the coming year bring in your ships, your helicopter, your delivering army’s, your doves, your rainbows, your eagles, your four leaf clovers, your spring…and your Boaz. If not, I will pick you up at the crack of dawn on January 1, 2010 and we will drive into the sunrise like Thelma & Louise and find a cliff to drive off.

Happy Birthday Sis!

Love, Frodo, Corn Wallace, Glady’s, or as your son would call me,

Love u! Meeoowwwww