Sunday, February 01, 2009


Jen took this photo of Blue and called it "Prince of Peace"...that's who he is.

Right before Christmas I needed to get out of Utah and go to visit my sister in Las Vegas. I was so sick of the snow and just needed to get away. I grabbed my niece, Tiffany, and my friend Christine, and we headed out to some warmer weather. WELL...when we got there, it had snowed in Las Vegas! It NEVER snows in Las Vegas. It was like a punch to the gut! Tiffany and I looked at each other and were not happy campers. Jen had told the kids that Aunt Kimmy was coming to visit and Bleu had this great idea. He REMEMBERED that I don't like snow and he told his mom, "Let's cover it up with blankets!" How cute is that? In his little heart, he cared so much about my lack of love for snow, that he would be willing to find a way to cover it up! Needless to say, it touched my heart. :)

This month I'm going to write a special experience that I have had with each of my nieces & nephews and blog about it. I have ALOT. They really are the apple of my eye'z.