Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Let me put this as simply as possible...

- My batteries in my fire alarms are all going dead.
- The sound pierces the ears so badly that u feel your getting electrocuted. (I would know!)
- I have vaulted ceilings.
- I have no ladders.
- I have no fans or any form of noise that could have drown out that piercing noise! (I tried everything!)
- I believe the alarms had ganged up against me and were mocking me.
- I completely lost it.
- I found a long piece of wood in my garage. (For one of them I used a long broom.)
- I used these as weapons.
- I climbed on double chairs and other furniture to reach the alarms.
- I held on tightly to my weapon/sword.
- I then beat the hell out of them like a pinata!
- They put up a good fight.
- and then...
- Each one went flying across the room!
- They were dead.
- Or so I thought.
- They beeped again!!!!!!!!
- I took out the batteries.
- They beeped again!!!!!!!!!!
- I then threw them inside my garage with the strength of a CULLEN!
- Never to be heard or seen again.
- I conquered! I conquered! I conquered!


ps. For those concerned...there was no fire. They happened at 3 different times. I will replace fire alarms in my house...but they will be at a reachable level.