Sunday, March 01, 2009


I just realized that in ONE photo I don't have redeye. So maybe I'm half & half. Half Spawn/Half Angel?

On a more serious note, let me be honest. I was recently thinking about my lifes past. Where did I start from and where am I at now? Once upon a time I was a sunday school teacher for 15 & 16 year olds for about 6 years. I loved teaching. I loved them! I wanted to help them see life in a different light. I wanted them to know that life is beautiful and that miracles can happen. I wanted them to feel UNDERSTOOD and know who they are. Recently I found some of these students of mine on facebook. Within the same week several of them wrote me kind words about how I influenced them for good and that they were grateful I had been their teacher. I can't express how that made me feel. I realize instantly that it really wasn't was Heavenly Father who touched their hearts. But somehow and for some reason, he allowed me to be an instrument in His hands. I was allowed to be angel of sorts to them...and they were and ARE angels to me. We need more of that in this life. More angels! I once had a teacher who shared these profound words from The Wizard of Oz. As the witch begins to melt away she cries out to Dorthy and says;

"Oh what a world! What a world! Who could have guessed that a good little girl like you could have destroyed all of my beautiful wickedness!"

For some reason those words hit me harder that day than they ever had! I think I had watched that movie dozens of times and never really thought deeply about what was being said. Can one person really help destroy the wickedness on this earth? Obviously the answer is yes. So where have I come from and where am I at now? I think that it's been a long winding road, that I have made mistakes...but for the most part...I have given it my all and I am happy with the road I chose. I can say with all sincerity, "My life is my testimony." I hope I can continue to press forward and be an influence for good. An angel of sorts. (A tad bit irreverent one at times...I can't help myself :) But an angel nonetheless. Fingers crossed!