Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Watch this before reading my post.

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose - 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.

I Find it remarkable that this young lady, Rachel Esplin, was able to explain the gospel and some very tough questions given to her by a journalist at Harverd University with such confidence and grace. She is only 20 years old but obviously to me, an old soul. She taught and shared with a solid testimony... and that made all the difference.

A dear teacher of mine wrote me a letter before I went on my mission. He said something that I think applys well to this post;

"Remember that teaching and working by the spirit is not a dramatic thing, but is a quiet process that arises unforced from a life of peaceful diligent, unswerving devotion. If what you say is the truth, and you say it purely and with honest conviction, people will feel the spirit of truth being taught to them and will recognize that inspiration and revelation has come into their hearts."

I think she did this perfectly. Respect you, Rachel Esplin, respect to you.

ps. Don't you love the guy on the left (who I believe is Jewish)silently supporting her? You could see and feel that he was impressed with her. :)