Sunday, July 26, 2009


...right? *Deep Breath* So, after 6 years of living in my beautiful little home here in Lehi, Utah- I am moving. I talked a little about it a few blogs ago, but the time has now come. After searching both my soul and surrounding areas, I have made the decision to move far away. Like FAR away...far...far...far away. I'm moving to American Fork. hahaha Yeah, that's one town over. ha! It is temporary until I can actually be in a position to really know what is right for me and where I would want to be on a more permanent basis. I am moving into a one bedroom apartment that is adorable. It is near the Mount Timpanogos LDS temple. It is lovely...BUT, it won't be easy. Moving has never been an easy thing for me. As you have probably been able to tell, I take things a little harder than some people. I guess it isn't easy for most people.
My sister reminded me today that when we moved out of our childhood home, I use to return there often on my own and sit outside and cry. I remember one time walking inside (before the people who bought it had moved in) and I layed down on the carpet, staring out through the glass doors to our beautiful back yard that was an orchard full of apple trees. My heart ached. I loved that home. And I love this home. A small chunk of my heart will still be here. Just like it is in every place I've lived in my life. This home is a little different though. It was truly heaven sent to be a refuge from not only the storms of my past, but the storms I would endure while living here. I have endured unspeakable pain and experiences while I've been here and some of the only solace I've had was the spirit and safety of this home. It is my own little temple. It is sacred ground to me. I know that angels have watched over me and my little kitties. I have always felt safe here. We have been blessed and I am grateful. I will truly miss it. But I also feel in my heart that It's time for me to move. It's time for a change. I have a couple of weeks left to finish packing up. With the help of my AWESOME friends, 75% of my house is already moved! They are the BEST!!! Thank you!

I pray God to bless me with the courage and the peace of mind that will be needed. Goodbye beautiful house. Thank you for sheltering me and being my little piece of heaven. :)