Sunday, December 06, 2009


From my journal September 29, 1998 (11 years ago!!!)


I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and just watch myself...not change anything...just watch.
I wish I had lickable wall paper like in Willy Wonka
I wish I had my own cottage in the woods
I wish I could sleep on clouds
I wish that children and animals never suffered
I wish I could build a crystal castle
I wish all the dramatic or great moments in life had back ground music
I wish I could have picnics in wheat fields like I did when I was little
I wish I could fly into Niagra falls and swim in it without feeling any pain
I wish I could give more surprises to people
I wish I had more friends all over the world
I wish I could write a book
I wish I could be more pure
I wish I could meet a man of God, fall in love with him so that I could have a best friend with me always
I wish I could learn about photography and become an incredible photographer
I wish I could work with youth all over the world and bare my witness of who they are
I wish I had my own library and I could say that I had read every book in it
I wish I could wake up happy

ha! I find it interesting that a few of those came to pass. Maybe not the Crystal Castle (???) but a few.

"If wishes were fishes...right?" ;)