Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Frogs flying*

I was looking for a photo today and going through my hundreds of other photoz when I saw this one of Kaul & Bleu. I could just hear in my mind a conversation between them that would sound something like this,

Bleu has the cutest little imagination and can be very dramatic. While Kaul is mostly aloof to him and sometimes a stinker. I love that Bleu always calls his brother KAULY instead of Kaul. More endearing! :) And as you can tell...it was written in what I like to call "Bleu's accent." :) His little voice just melts your heart. Actually I adore everything that BOTH of them say and do. They are so pure in heart. I love them so much! And they always make me laugh.

Ps. This was never a real conversation between them but, they do have two water frogs named Ribbit and Spike! hahahha