Thursday, May 20, 2010


One of the things I love most about my family (and my best friends family who I consider my own) is that we are GOOD REACTORS! In other words, we get excited about the simple things in life and the really awesome things in life. Finding out that my nephew got to come home a week early for Christmas, listening to a friend announce where they are going on their misson, finding out that a sibling is having a baby, watching your nephew open up his Christmas present you gave him and see his eyes get big with delight, your friend telling you that she kissed the boy that she's wanted to kiss forever...and then a year later finding out that she's engaged, getting the orange wellie boots you've wanted in the mail (I put them on and jumped up and down!) when you never ordered them but your sister did to cheer you up, finding out the new sequel to The Hunger games is almost here, or that U2, your favorite band of all time has decided to come to UTAH! I can't tell you how happy my family was for me! My sister was so happy for me when I called her on the phone that she said she had butteflies in her stomache for me. How awesome is THAT? And the list goes on...

We are just genuinely happy for each other. This sometimes includes jumping up and down, clapping, giving high fives and hugs, big smiles and lot's of happy words! Just anything to show how excited we are for their moment...what ever it may be. I have a super hard time with people who are not. It's not always their fault! It's not their fault that when you give them a gift and they make no expression at all and say, "Thanks" or when they hear some of the things I said above they simply say, "Oh that's kool" and that's it. And I whisper under my breath, "Tragically born without a personality." I'm sorry if you think that's rude...but come on! Can you not even make a facial expression of some sorts? A bigger smile then normal? Perhaps it comes easier to us for some reason, but it can also be learned!!! I've seen the non expressive become expressive and it was very fun to witness the change. I think the best example is little children. They are so full of life and happiness and find joy at every corner! Think of them at birthday's and Christmas! When they want to show you the picture they drew! I gave my nephew some stickers last time he was in town and you've never seen such joy in a childs face. STICKERS!? Yep...children are the best example. And it's not just when you get's when life gives you a blessing of sorts, an accomplishment happens, an opportunity is given, etc.

So for all you good reactors...I applaud you! (pun intended ;) And especially my family. Lifes so much funner with you in it! I feel happy when I get to share something...because I know they will be happy too. (Most the time!) ;)

And for those of you who struggle with it, or you are saying "That's just not my personality" Well...if you're fine with that, then kool. But give it a shot sometime...maybe you'll find that it suits you. ;)

This is a video I saw today on Ellen. I kept smiling and wanted to clap for them! They all got gifts from Ellen and they were so excited! And it just reminded me of all that I just said. It makes me happy to watch it...and it's also quite fun to be the one rejoicing for others as well!

Ps. We are not near as loud or obnoxious as this crowd...well I don't think we are and I'm pretty sure anyone who has witnessed these moments don't think we are either. (who cares about anyone who does! Go away! hahaha)