Monday, April 04, 2011

*Nate the great...1 year later*

It's been a year today since my friend Nate died. I was thinking how grateful I am that I let myself feel all of the pain and hit it straight on instead of shelving it or running from it.   I didn't go unscathed today ...there has been a little sting, but Heavenly Father helped heal me during that time and let me know that Nate was now under HIS care.  I know that he has been able to rest in many respects from his suffering. He served his mission in Sendai, Japan. I can imagine he has continued working and blessing the people after the tragedy out there.  He loved the people and he's a good guardian angel.  One of the things I miss the most is that he was really the ONLY friend I had who knew suffering to the degree I have felt.  He knew how to "succor the weak (me) and lift up the hands which hang down (mine.) I'll always be grateful for that friendship. Always.

"Nate, you go bounce around on those clouds...and you will have a beautiful future!  And we will remember you will all our hearts."

Photo taken from my backyard in August 2010.  They are like the clouds you draw when you are little.  Charlie Brown favorite kind. :)