Friday, April 15, 2011

*Toad the wet sprocket...REVAMPED*

Read say's it all. :) It so makes me want to be 19 again, when I heard them for the first time with Gin Blossoms. It's in the top ten happiest nights of my life. Seriously! They revamped some of my favorite songs (perfectly without ruining them) and they are touring again. THAT is happy!

P.s. Only one thing is wrong with this picture, Glen Phillips is usually the barefoot man not Randy Guss. I guess they decided to switch it up a bit...maybe Glen's feet started to hurt. :)

Pss. Did I ever tell you that I have Glen Phillips guitar pick? I don't really care about that stuff unless it comes from U2 or Toad. I would tell the story but I'm not going to...well, picture this scene, I'm on the front row with my friends and in slow motion it comes floating out of his hand and lands at my feet. It is actually a used one old Eagle on it. Maybe I'll attach a pic. I wonder how many times I've repeated myself or shown the same photos on this blog. I don't go back and read what I've written or I would probably delete it all. *shrug*


Btw, You can buy this online or buy the disc. Of course I bought both. ;)