Saturday, April 02, 2011

*Some say that GENES are the thread of life...*

...but some of us disagree on the spelling and meaning. JEANS are the thread of life NOT GENES! If you don't have the right jeans (for you) you've got nothin'! If they don't add a little swagger, a little saunter, a little skip, a little swing to your step and your SOUL...your wearing the wrong ones. The brand *Nudie jeans* says it better than I can...

Jeans allow you to find your voice. It doesn't matter the price, the year, or what others's what YOU think! If you're a "moms jeans" kind of girl...Rock 'em!???
Ps. Can you tell what I've been looking at this week? ;)
Pss. This advice is just as much for men, um, if not more so. :D heh Are you still single? This might have something to do with that. MIGHT!
Psss. Actually try to keep up with the times. I just didn't know how to say that nicely. This is the 21st century for crying out loud. And you can find some kool jeans for a decent price. So don't blame lack of pennies on staying on top of style. *wink* Get RID of the 90's Girbauds!