Tuesday, December 13, 2011

*Linger Longer*


It's 6 am and I had been up all night. I was worn down both body and spirit. I lay in my bed trying to sleep and wondering why on earth Heavenly Father still wanted me here. My hands are tied in every situation that I'm in. I can truly say that I have no control over anything at this point. My life is ALL in HIS hands. I don't know what more I can do or offer to bring about the most important and essential things that are needed for survival. I feel helpless. With these thoughts drowning me, into my mind I envision seeing Scrooge (me) sitting on the swing chair that is on the front porch of my old house in Orem, Utah. (I would often sit there to have some meditating and relaxing time as I looked up at an awe-inspiring view of the Rocky Mountains.) So there I am, rocking in the chair and suddenly an Eagle begins to speak to me. *Puzzled face* I sit up in my bed and all these words are forming and I'm really in no mood to write! But I do so. These are the words that unfolded...these are the words that were heaven sent from an old wise Eagle.


Linger longer are the words I hear
as I rock back and forth on the front porch chair.
I see an Eagle fly in the Icy air
He flys with grace and with a little flair.
He soars to the left and makes a sharp turn,
"oh my dear girl...I know you must yearn."


Did that bird just speak to me?
I'm now questioning my sanity.
He ceases his flight and drifts ever near
and with the tilt of his head these words he shares,

"There are things you need to hear!"

I fold my hands and lend my ear
I open my heart and sit at the edge of my chair.

"I am an eagle with an eagles eye! I've seen how you've been tried and tried! The crows that often circle your head, their time is up and they'll soon be dead.
The new road that I've seen from above
Is more beautiful and lovely then a morning dove!
Linger longer in this mortal sphere
Your work is simply not finished here.
It's time to breath the freshest air
It's time to heal from satans glare.
Trust an old bird, for I'm the wisest
kind! Don't give me that look, your sanity's fine.
I sail over mountains and glorious lakes! My god given wings are truly great.
I rest on peaks on a sleepy day, I watch over children here and far away. My life is truly a wondrous one, but if I was human it would be more fun.
So linger longer and believe on my word, rise to your feet, do not accept defeat.
Linger longer...
Linger longer...
Linger longer."

Those are the final words I hear
Then off he flew with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.


Written by Kim Curtis (That would be me ;)
December 13th 2011
~Painting by Michael Pape