Saturday, December 03, 2011

*Men's hearts are failing them*

I can't say enough how much I needed this earlier this week, but because of pride and pain in my heart, I ignored it. Then, while talking with my little sister, she told me that Henley, age 5 watches these Mormon messages before school each day. She said;

"Tears pour down her face because she feels the spirit so strong." When I heard that, I couldn't stop my own tears. This little precious girl listening to our prophet and apostles and feeling the truth of what is being shared. I realized that I too must listen more, read more, and love and treasure these beautiful words of wisdom. I must not let my own heart fail me. I must try harder to not be afraid and have an eternal perspective. I must have the faith and heart of a little know that I need not fear.
"Men's hearts are failing them because they have forgotten their identity and their purpose."

We love our precious, Henley and her beautiful spirit.