Monday, October 20, 2008


This morning I learned the tragic news, that a friend of mine from High School, Holly Henrie Lowe, her brother, Hutch Henrie, was killed in a car accident last night. In the last few years Holly also lost her little sister to a car wreck and her mother to cancer. This special and truly sacred family have been through more than what most people face in a lifetime. As I thought upon these things today, my heart was truly broken. I felt frozen and helpless in knowing how to help. I was quickly given the insight that the Savior is with them and that they WILL feel Him and HIS peace that surpasses all understanding. They will REST in Him...even as their brother/son/friend is at this time.

I love you, Holly.

ps. I found this video tonight that reminded me that the Lord will RESCUE their family in this great time of need. I'm also attaching an adorable photo of Holly.