Thursday, October 09, 2008

*Kim'z Warm Asylum*: *DEPRESSION*


I've had to defend myself alot over the last few months. It's very difficult for people who know me or don't know me to get lost in their own view point of depression and offer their own advice without really knowing what they are talking about. If you have never walked in the shoes of those who suffer from depression, the only thing you should do is offer love. I'm reattaching a blog I wrote on depression two years ago. It might give a glimpse of understanding that I am not always "All smiles Kim." I am able to still pull out the joy from life and most my posts are very upbeat despite what I might be going through at that moment. This is just a reminder of a daily battle I face.

Everyone battles something in this life...or will. I was just reading about one of the greatest men I know who battled horrific pain in his life. The Lords servant, Job, from The Old Testament. His friends and associates were CONSTANTLY trying to give him advice as to why he suffers and usually blame it all on him. If you will go back and read that account, you will understand that he endured constant rebuke and was falsely accused for something he did not bring on himself. Throughout his ordeal Job maintained his innocence and ultimately & dramatically the Lord affirms him! After much senseless debate on his "situation" we find that Job was right all along. He was innocent...and this was a test he was given.

Depression is a real illness and I stand by that. I have endured it for at least 15 years. I know the Lord has allowed me to suffer it all this time for a reason. I have learned much about life, people, myself and God. I do my VERY best to still be a light to others, but I need to always remind people that I'm not "all smiles Kim." I offer up every drop of strength I have to fight this and am grateful with how I have and do handle it. I shouldn't have to defend myself just like a cancer patient shouldn't have to defend that their illness is real. I remind myself often that we all need to think before we dispence advice, and certainly we all need to withold any form of judgement.

I just wanted to write this post for the purpose of bringing a little more clarity to others about my situation and remind people that I don't have the "Ideal Life." I am blessed, but I have suffered and struggled through a heavy battle.

Here is the link to the post I have spoken of...I hope it will open some eyes.

*Kim'z Warm Asylum*: *DEPRESSION*

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