Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Waynga and I went up to Sundance tonight. We were going to take photos of the leaves but it was getting dark and I was starving. So we grabbed a sandwich and suckers (those good old fashioned kind) from the Grill Room and kicked it around that area. I made Wayne stand in front of the Sundance sign for a photo and couldn't get it to show up on my camera. I have no understanding of cameras and Wayne had to walk back and try to fix it. Then I went to stand in front of the sign and kind of leaned against it. (see photo) By this time, the photos were showing up and I made Wayne go back in front of it to get a shot that actually showed up. When he went to LEAN on it he jumped back and had this creeped out look on his face. This is how our conversation went.

Me: Wayne, please tell me there isn't a spider there! PLEASE tell me I didn't just lean against a spider!!! Do NOT tell me you saw a spider!!!

Wayne: Um.... (he's shaking himself off!)

Me: WAS there a spider?!? There WAS a spider wasn't there!? HOW BIG WAS IT!!?

Wayne: About like this (shows me with his fingers in a circle...basically half the size of his hand!)

EWW! EWW! I start jumping all over the place! I make Wayne check my hair and the back of my sweater to make sure nothing was on me!!! As you can see, I hate spiders! But it WAS funny simply because I went from begging him to tell me there wasn't a spider...to making him tell me how big it was! hahahha
On our way out we saw the web and it was huge! We are talking like "Charlottes Web" big! Sick!

Anyhow, besides the spider incident it was fun and we enjoyed good company, beautiful landscape, and a good old fashioned sucker. You can't beat that. :)