Saturday, January 31, 2009


Everyone does these tags on their blogs where they answer some questions about themselves or share some of their favorite things. And then they go and pick a handful of their friends and tag them to do the same thing. WELL...I have NEVER been tagged. Apparently I'm not kool enough to be part of their "circles". haha jk. But on facebook I got tagged like a dozen times in the same day. I gave in and then tagged my sisters. Here are a few random things about me. ;)

1. I have a "blankey" that I sleep with at night. I've had one for years and just got a new one. I Love it! Stop laughing! :P

2. I have a little bit of OCD in me. I have to brush my teeth after everything I eat or drink. If I was to have a glass of orange juice right now, I would have to go brush my teeth after. It's out of control. :)(I also have to change my socks about 3 times a day.)

3. I'm planning on writing a book someday. It will be on surviving depression. It will be a book that answers more questions than any other book on that subject that has ever been written. But I won't write it until I know more answers. Fingers crossed!

4. I have never been skiing even though I've told people I have! ha! I have no desire to and I hate being it's never gonna happen. The only way I could shut people up about it was to tell them I've already been and didn't like it. Sorry...for lieing. NOT! *smirk*

5. I get random cravings with food and then I will eat that same thing over and over until I never want to eat it again. Right now it's apples with peanut butter on them.

6. I was a public speaker for CES and a few other programs for 7 years. It was the most rewarding time of my entire life. I use to be terrified of speaking in front of people, and now I enjoy it.

7. Everytime I sing out loud, my cat goes running out of the room. Should that tell me something about my voice? :)

8. I went through an experience that made me lose much of my long term memory and much of my short term. There are moments in my life that are totally forgotten. I wouldn't even know about them had I not kept journals.

9. I have a potty mouth. Nothing is so unattractive than a girl who cusses. I blame it on living 15 years of my life in Pleasant Grove. :) Thanks heavens I moved! But I'm getting it under control.

10. I would love to hang out with Truman G. Madsen for a week and ask him a million questions. He is one of my greatest heros.

11. I love books and hope that someday I have my own library and be able to say that I've read every book in there.

12. I have to have a fan on when I sleep at night or I can't sleep.

13. I stopped drinking soda 15 years ago. I rarely if ever drink it. But sometimes you just gotta have a burns so good!

13. I've lived in both Northern and Southern California.

14. Right out of High School I worked at a place called "All cooped up." We cut from bundles of "DOLL HAIR" and then packaged it. All my close frieinds worked there and it was gooood times! hahha

15. I followed U2's Elevation tour in 2002 and even went to England and Ireland to see them. They rock my world. haha

16. I hate to cook. I live off cereal and my sisters dinners she makes. My sisters are both amazing cooks!

17. I love Hollywood gossip. I can't help myself. We all have our weakness's right? ;)

18. I LOVE people who are good "reactors." There is nothing better than when someone gets excited about things that happen to them or someone else. And there is nothing worse than a person who just sits there and say's something like "Oh that's kool" with no expression on their face. HELLLO!

19. I love shopping online and can't stand a mall.

20. The last two "serious" boyfriends I've had...I met online. :)

21. Southern Utah holds my heart. If ever I need to remember who I am or am in need of comfort...I go there.

22. I have over 30 journals!

23. I am quick to forgive but slow to forget.

24. My family is my strength and my salvation. I'm incredibly blessed to have been given the chance to know them.

25. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, sometimes I think of something so funny that I laugh myself to sleep at night. It's so much better than crying. ;)