Wednesday, June 15, 2011

*I am the ocean and I am sorrowful*

This might be on here already but my friend just found all my documents (Thank you Stine!!!) and I am grateful because I thought I had lost many precious things to me.  I wrote this in maybe 2007?  Not sure...but it's pretty special to me because the concept or knowledge that EVERYTHING has a spirit testify's itself in a poem about an Ocean who is sorrowful for a dieing girl.  I give thanks to Heavenly Father for helping me write my ideas, feelings, and poetry...I'm nothing without him and I never want to be.

I am the ocean and I am sorrowful.  My waves have crossed not a few but the numbers of the sand.  I have swallowed the wicked and filled the earth at command.  And I must do it again…but I know not when.  I reason with the angels but they cannot say either for they know not.  I delight in bringing mercy and justice.  My waves listen for the sound of the horn to blow for all people and for me that I may roll with the earths scroll and be made anew and be cleansed.

But for now, it is late…the sky is black and my spirit is heavy. I hold the small ship that never moves, the ship that holds His daughter.  I love her because she first loved me.  She walked my shoreline many times.  She dreamed lovely dreams and entrusted me with their care. But now my touch stings her and my mist recoils her and I mourn for her.  My anger rises and I thrash upon the great rocks for I am helpless and cursed.  Oh I long to part for her as I did for the ancients.  That deliverance may be hers.  I call upon the Moon, the Milky Way and their twinkling’s that they may shine upon her.   But even they had to part from her and she is left to whimper in confinement.  The lights of her rescue boats grew too dim, for long was their journey and they were forced to turn back.  No one can see her.  But I can…I surround her and I will hold her with my stillness that she may not be disturbed for a moment.  I have hidden her dreams beneath my corals that they may never be separated from me…I will hold them always that she may believe in me.  He that created me has been quiet for too long.  Her bones are frail and her breath is shallow.  Her sash in blue satin is now rope that binds her.  She has been made afraid, mocked and seized upon.  She will no longer speak.  And so in her behalf I cry to the heavens, IT IS ENOUGH!!!
I am the ocean and I am sorrowful...may deliverance be nigh at hand.