Sunday, June 05, 2011

*'Streets' on a deeper level*

I might have a "Streets" video on here about 3 times (It's my all time favorite song)...but this one say's more and explains why I see Bono as one of the greatest men to walk the earth, it's shows why I love U2, it's shows why I love God, it's shows why, since I was 14, I have cleaved unto them/their music for over 20 years. I can still see myself on our familys' Yellow boat roaming the canyons of Lake Powell. I would sit on the bow (sp?) and you could hang your legs over because there was a bar to protect you. I would put my head phones on and listen to my first tape of Joshua tree over and over and never tire of it. The wind in my hair and U2 in my ears. I felt free from own inner and outter oppression I was facing at that time. Over my life the oppression grew to levels I didn't know were possible. I am a survivor and I hope with all my heart I can live longer...because my own voice and heart are as loud, sincere, powerful and as bold as Bono's. My LOVE is VAST! I HAVE been waiting on the Lord...BUT "HOW LONG?" Ihope it's soon...It's my turn for a season of rest. Here or in heaven.
Ps. A BIG thank you to my friend Jeff. I so needed this. What a blessing you are.
Pss. Please watch it to the VERY END! What he says at the end is important!