Thursday, June 23, 2011

*Why I gave up photography*

1- I didn't like that it became and FELT like a "Job" instead of a hobbie that I LOVED and got to share with others.

2- As you can see in photo 2, I can't figure out the damn things. I am a 100% point & shooter.

3- Everyone suddenly was a photographer and that bugs me. (I'm weird like that.)

4- My family stopped saying hi to me at family gatherings. Instead they would say, "Where's your camera?" "Can you take some photoz?" I would reply, "I'm so glad to see you TOO!!!" hahaha I got tired of being the family historian. ;)

5- The first photo is NOT posed. I told everyone DO NOT TAKE PHOTOZ OF ME! Well, Wayne ignored that. I layed down on a rock and looked up at my favorite things...clouds. I didn't want to take a photo I wanted to watch the formations take place and capture it in my heart. Sometimes you need to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment for yourself. Thank you Wayne for ignoring my request. ;) He called my name, I looked over and BAM! I was shot! hahahha I love this photo of me. I see a peace in myself that is so very rare. I see a holy land surrounding me...a place of healing...a place where I feel God and we can hear eachother clearly. It is the closest place to the feeling of "HOME" that I have found so far. I love you Southern Utah! Thank you for saving my life on more than one occasion!
(In other words, I wanted to see the world through my own cleareyes and not behind a lenz.)

Maybe there will be a time when I buy a camera again (I gave every single one of mine away! For realz.) and fall back in love with capturing life as it happens. Maybe.

Ps. I've climbed so many mountains that God put my initial on one of them. KOOL!