Saturday, August 30, 2008


On the spur of the moment... Val, Wayne, and I decided to jump in the car and headed south. We ALL needed a weekend away and were desperate for some Red Rock. Wayne gave us the idea of staying in "Bicknell, Utah"...ever heard of it? Neither had I. It's smack in the middle of several different places that we thought of going. We took a different route then the norm. It was like a back road that was more scenic. It was great! We ended up going to Captial Reef & Goblin Valley. Both are amazing! We laughed and laughed like little kids and had the best time. All of us kept saying, "I SO needed this trip." All three of us love photography, so basically thats what did the most. Pull over...stop...take picture' good food...sing songs...and repeat. :) I love both Val & Wanga to death and that's what really made the trip.

Here are a handful of my favorite shots. Yay for Bicknell!

ps. There are 3 pictures of the same pie on here. It will not leave my blog. I tried 3 times to take the extras off. I guess your just going to have to wish you were there to taste it! YUMMMMMMM!