Monday, August 18, 2008


In High School I found myself trying really hard to teach myself the importance of paying my tithing. I had a plain white envelope with the word *Tithing* on it. On the back of the envelope I gave myself the stern rebuke, "Do not touch! This is the Lords money KIM!" Those words were suppose to give me the power and courage to not "Rob the Lord" of those Tithes & Offerings.

Well, being tempted one day I came to commit the sin of stealing from the stash. But then I suddenly saw that there, under my own encouragment to choose the right, these words were written below...

"Thanks, Love the Lord."

I would have guessed that the Lord had really written me a thank you note if it wasn't for the recognizable handwriting of my sister, Jen. She's always been such a clever little bastage! Our whole family got a kick out of that and I still laugh my head off over it. What a funny girl!

Jen, your ACE and I heart you! Thanks for being the Lords mouth piece from time to time. :D