Sunday, August 31, 2008


While stuck in my house during the winter storms, I went through some old photos one night and decided to put together a video of the boys I've loved growing up. It was fun to make because I have a lot of fond and fun memories. I've been really blessed to stay good friends with a good 75% (maybe 65% haha) of these guy's. As for the rest of that 25%? It was not meant to be...some wounds are deeper than others and it's hard to make amends(on both sides.) And of course some wander off and you never see them again. I have to pat myself on the back for the great taste I've had growing up! ha! I picked good souls and I have ALMOST no regrets. haha Every person who has come into my life was there for a purpose, I really believe that.

I took this video off of YouTube for awhile and decided to post it again. When some people saw it they said, "You sure liked alot of boys!" and I need to point out a couple things. Some of them I loved from afar, some of them didn't know I existed, Some were just crushes, some of them I dated, and a couple of them I was in love with. My first crush was in Kindergarten. Chad Burburt or Berbert?! Apparently I cried when he moved away. Does that tell you anything? :)
What can I say...I'm 34 years old and I've had some time to love. "In life, we must love along the way."

ps. There are a few boys whom I never had a picture of but I'll always remember them too. If I ever run across a picture of them...I'll add it. As you will see..there's still room. :)