Monday, December 08, 2008


If you've ever seen the t.v. show from the 90's called Felicity, this photo will bring back memories. It's the classic moment where she had been publicly humilated and the next thing you know she is standing in front of the Ice Cream isle at the grochery store...checking out the 1 Pinterz of Hagan Daz.

Not that long ago, I had a night like that. Something happened that hurt me and I found myself also standing in and isle an staring into Ice Cream oblivion. I think I stood there for ten minutes not even really thinking about the Ice Cream. But finally I grabbed one, "Peppermint Bark" and left. One thing I soon realized was that I don't even LIKE peppermint! What was I thinking? Oh...that's right, I wasn't really thinking. At least not in my "right mind" whatever that means. ;)

I guess the only point to this blog is to say that we all have "one of those nights" and millions of people across the globe find themselves doing the exact same thing. Why is that? Maybe Ice Cream is the only thing that makes it better or makes us forget for a small moment (or however fast you eat :) whatever hurt us or made us sad. I think Ice Cream unites the crazy world we live in, it just might be the key to world peace.

Profound, I know.

P.s. If anyone finds the origional picture of "Felicity" standing in front of the Ice Cream Isle send it to me and I'll give u a present. :) As you can tell It's a bad copy!