Friday, April 10, 2009


My nephews and nieces have all had little videos or collages I've put together for them. It's my trade mark and I do it in hopes that they feel both loved and special. By doing this for them, it also warms my own heart. Last year on Kaul's Birthday I made him a photo collage and then turned it into a poster for his wall. (He LOVED it!) And ever since then, his brother, Bleu, wanted one too. So, I just finished it and it's in the process of getting enlarged. While putting it together, my music was playing in the background and the song "Falling in love at a coffee shop" came on. I adore this song! And as I looked at his photos I just kept thinking how everyone who meets Bleu instantly falls for him. He will steal your heart by just being himself. His sweet and tender disposition could melt even the hardest heart. He also has this inner cheerfulness and peace. He is just happy with the common joys of life.
This song just seemed to fit in so many ways and I couldn't resist making a little video. You will love it! :)