Wednesday, April 08, 2009

*Mi cumpleaños*

On March 28th 1974, the #1 song on the radio was "Sunshine on my shoulders" by John Denver. I'm not sure if anyone knows how kool that is...since that was the day I was born and that just happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time.
I was born in the small town of Elko, Nevada. I still have a hard time claiming that area of the world...and yet it was my lot to be born in that "special" town. Apparently I weighed five pounds and my head was the size of an orange that fit inside my dads hand. (my mom likes to tell me that) And it was also pointed out to me that I was the most beautiful baby EVER. Mothers are bias and I really have no proof that this is true because there were no pictures taken of me until I was 3 months. And in the one picture I have, I am funny looking! :) So...that's my baby history.So, my 35th birthday recently came upon me. I had expressed to my family that I really didn't want any kind of party or gathering this year. I just wasn't into it. I mean I honestly love getting older...for realz! But this year *35* just didn't seem to settle right and I wanted to ignore it! I wanted to keep it quiet and simple. Apparently that fell on deaf ears (shocking :) and of course the fam always has some kind of surprise up their sleeves for me. Pam called and asked if she could bring me lunch. I told her that was fine. A couple hours later...the knock at the door came. I was in my pj'z and could see through my sheer curtain that there was more than ONE person outside. Infact it appeared to look like a small crowd. I was NOT happy. I cracked the door open and low and behold...the cast of TWILIGHT stood before me bearing flowers and gifts! Not to mention that my mom, pam and Tiffany were hiding behind them! I couldn't help but bust up laughing! My family really are clever & funny...and It was a great little surprise. My sis asked why I wasn't dressed for the day and I was like, DUH! I thought you were just bringing me lunch! She told me to throw myself together and that we were GOING to lunch. We ended up hitting the Cheesecake factory (which I love) and then opening presents. It was fun and yet still simple the way I wanted it. Here are some classic photos of my cardboard loverz! :D