Sunday, April 19, 2009


I blogged this last year about sharing an occasional glimpse from my old journals now and again.
So, from the plethora of journals I have, I grabbed one and opened it up to the date nearest to today. This is what I read;

April 2003

"My Grandma, Bea Hinckley passed away on April 26, 2003. She will be SO missed. We love her dearly. She told me once before she passed away, "You are the jewels in my crown" I will always remember that. Elder Neal A. Maxwell was friends with my grandma because she was cousins with his wife, Colleen. He sent a nice letter to be read at the funeral. He said, "Bea was someone with spiritual spunk!" :) I LOVE that. I will miss her quick wit and wonderful sense of humour. I truly loved her."

This was a great journal entry to read today. Almost every night I talk to her in my mind and heart. I plead for her to help me in this life and sometimes even boss her around. :) I'm like, "Grandma, are you fighting for me up there or what!!?? If anyone can persuade the Lord to do something it's you!" She is Queen Fiesty! and I guarantee she has put in her two cents if not more! I got all my famous one liners from her. :) She could talk a mile a minute and most of the time you were laughing or growing extremely tired. Her favorite movie was Dumb and Dumber! hahahh No joke. I miss her...but when I'm the most sad, I feel her close to me. I know she is fighting for me in heaven, I know she will never leave me.

God bless you are the jewels in MY crown. (That's if I ever get one! I never won "Queen" when I was a you just never know ;)