Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This song has been playing in my mind all day and I am so happy about that. I get sick of the lame DJ in my head that spins songs like "Dancing on the ceiling." This is my second favorite U2 song and the words are awesome. I think they fit this photo I took too, and perhaps my feelings at this time. Here's my favorite verses.

"Freeway like a river cuts through this land
Into the side of love
Like a burning spear
And the poison rain
Brings a flood of fear
Through the ghost-ranch hills
Death valley waters
In the towers of steel
Belief goes on and on...
In this heartland...heartland..."

I did not put this video together and I'm adding a second version I love of it that is acoustic. I might have posted this last year but who cares...I don't. ;)

When or if I get married, my husband WILL learn to play this...even if it's the only song he ever plays and even if he doesn't play guitar. :)
This photo was taken in Moab, Utah