Monday, May 30, 2011

*Life can be beautiful & cruel at the same time*

I went to the best U2 concert ever! And the next day my sister met Bono and hung out with his body guard for an hour. The irony!!! But it was kind of this kool little connection between us. When I got the tickets it was suppose to be for me and her. Her birthday is in June and I really wanted to take her. But Bono got hurt that year and we waited another year for him to come back to Utah. By this time, I knew Jen's plate was too full for her to come from Cali. I'm so glad she got to meet him...and a tad bit jealous. ;)

This is as close as I got to Bono.
And this is as close as my sister got. ha! She's on the far right.

But it's all good! Peace out U2! What a great blessing you were to me in this life!

BTW, I've decided not to share my U2 experience but rather tuck it in my heart.