Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have never understood Gods plan for animals. The part I don't understand is the whole "preying upon" thing, that they feast upon eachother, that it's their "natural instinct." I can't picture God gathering all his little creations of animals and birds and then saying to them, "Now McCray, your gonna go down and your gonna eat fluffy for breakfast. Make sure you pull out your cat like reflex's because her flying skills are impeccable!" And then FLUFFY giving the Lord the thumbs up!? Hello!!??? Why would God allow that? It disgusts me.

This last summer I saw this beautiful bird outside my window. I think it was a baby Robin because of some of the red feathers. It had the cutest little chirp. I grabbed my camera and took a photo. Good thing too, because it was murdered by my own cat less than an hour later. (The poor little thing didn't have any idea that my fence was death row.) I had left my door slightly cracked so that the kittys could play outside. A little while later I come walking into my living room and there in front of me is a floor covered in feathers and the dead Robin. It was FOUL! (no pun intended :) I felt sick inside. And then there was Cray. Standing beside it with a blank stare and a feather hanging out of his mouth. I guess the feather in the mouth was like a trophy to show he had fulfilled Gods mission. Looks like he did. Sick & wrong. 'R.I.P.' fluffy!

My little sister just sent me this picture and it completely depicts my cat Cray and the crime scene I had beheld with my own eyes.