Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This last week I saw an old love through a glass door. I saw him talking to some people, a bright smile on his face and so full of light. Feelings and memories flooded over me when I saw him.
When I met him I felt I had found the love of my life. My twin, my soul mate. The boy with the "glass slipper" Those words finally made sense to me and I believed that because of the life I had chosen to live, this gentle hearted man had finally found me. All the things I had been promised by my Heavenly Father were about to be fulfilled. But in a blink of an eye it was nothing but "The sweet dream of a pure minded girl." He walked away and I was left with a sorrow that I thought I would never recover from.

The years have passed by and thoughts of him always remained strong. I always knew his heart, and I felt his struggles throughout the years. A downhill decent where he had forgotten who he was. I found out through a friend these things were true. I began a journey of praying, fasting, putting his name in the temple, and many many sacrifices in his behalf. I wondered along the way if these things would ever amount to anything. I wondered if I would ever see him again. And then, all these years later, there he was. At that moment the Lord opened my eye's. I felt a sense of gratitude to the Lord because I KNEW that my sacrifices had made a difference. That all the oceans of tears for that friend had worked. I also felt proud of him. He had overcome overwhelming trials and come out victorious. He had a sense of peace that radiated and his shiney eye's could be seen even through the glass door.

I never knew in the beginning that the glass door would be far more valuable and sacred in the end, than the glass slipper. The glass slipper would have been beautiful, but in heaven I must have sacrificed that beautiful crystal for this special moment, for this special soul. In my prayers that night, I knelt down and with all the courage I could muster...I said "It is enough." And it is.

"The worth of a soul is great in the sight of God"