Friday, February 01, 2008


So after a small stint in the hospital this week (nothing serious...just some twisted intestines ;) my mom came over to check on me today. She brought in a box of "food" and said, "You probably won't eat any of this but here ya go!" I looked at the box of STUFF and said, "mom...I won't eat ANY of this"....she then said "Ah, just throw it in your food storage!" and then she left. I stared at the box and the more I looked at it the more I laughed. Infact I got the giggles so bad that I thought it was worthy of posting a photo of its contents. You have to know my mom to know that this is exactly what you would find at her house. Mostly stuff that the grand kids snack on and what she and her husband eat beside salads! I will now share with you the box contents;

1- Top Raman Noodles. Where would we be in the world without 'em!? I think the last time I ate Top Raman was the year after High School when I lived at Branbury in Provo. Knowing that the nutritional value of these little baby'z is ZERO and that the msg in them gives me headaches. I also noticed not long ago that at the grocery store they were being sold for 14 cents a bag! That's seriously disturbing.

2- Several boxes of Macaroni & Cheese. These rate about one step up for Raman noodles. Simply because they do not have msg in them. My nieces & nephews love 'em. So if worse comes to worse at least the kids will be fed!

3- Ruffles chips. The only thing those are good for is to use in one of my sisters famous dips. Which she probably won't be making during a time like that.

4-One Kudos chocolate bar. I guess if you need a sugar fix while sitting in a tent or some form of shelter during a fire/flood or whatever, then there ya go!

5- Fruit snacks. I admit I like these and actually ate them on the spot...but they have red food coloring in them which ALSO gives me headaches. But I popped them in my mouth and figured I'd rather get a headache now then during an emergency.

6- A half package of gum? I have no response to that.

And there ya have it! Kim'z food storage!

Ironically, about an hour later I was reading a blog of one of my friends. She had been talking about food storage and her 72 hour kit!? (Is this some kind of warning to me?) She showed some very professional photographs of her neatly put together kit. I swear, she had EVERYTHING for any kind of crisis. I actually think she had a lifetime supply of all things needed. I felt a tinge of embarrassment at not really having a 72 hour kit except a first aid kit. I quickly went through my drawers and found exactly what 'I' would need. So listen up...because you may need these things too.

1- Tropical Fresh INSECT REPELLENT! I don't want to be eaten alive "out there" wherever that may be.

2 - Proactive repairing lotion. If I forget water or skin is in deep trouble. I refuse to look like 12 year old just hitting puberty.

3- Crazy glue. Now this has multi purposes. Our family has a lot of caps on our teeth. Good teeth don't run in the family. So once in a while a cap will fall off and this stuff works like a charm. Also...cuts. No need for band aids when you have crazy glue. Infact just two weeks ago I got a paper cut and a drop of the glue fixed it in jiffy.

4- Dove soap (self explanatory)

5- Pepto (self explanatory)

6- A night guard. I sometimes clench my teeth at night. I found this at the store. It doesn't fit in my mouth. But if worse comes to worse and I find myself clenching during the 72 hours, I'll shove it in!

7- Self tanner. I'm an albino....I carry these whenever I travel. Keeps me from looking like the walking dead.

8- Kitty Anti-Itch spray. Of course wherever I go...the kittyz go too! This is like their very own personal bug repellent.

9- Lash tint, bobby pins, nail polish, hair color. Obviously self explanatory!!!
10- Airborne! (Created by a second grade teacher!) I swear by this stuff! I'm convinced by using it I won't get a cold in 72 hours or more.

11- Rolaids + Dramamine! First off, If I get stuck in the car with Pammy’z kids who have SERIOUS gas problems (Can you say Dry heave?) I will freak out! Also...I get easily car sick. The whole Equilibrium dealio. I don't puke, I just feel trippy.

12- Tampon. I sure hope 'Aunt Flow' doesn't come to town during that time because ONE isn't gone cut it.

13- Fruit & Veggie Tabs. Who needs food when you have these? Just pop one in and your done for the day.

14- Floss. My brother in law who is a dentist would kill me if I didn't include this in my kit. I may not have a toothbrush or toothpaste, but the floss is way important. As one wise dentist put it... "You don't have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep" I apparently didn't floss as a child, hence, the caps on my teeth.

15- My small silver mirror given to me by a friend. I can use this to see if there is any Top Raman in my teeth or put on lipstick which I don't wear. I guess I could just sit and make my famous "mirror face" and if someone was depressed about our situation they could have a laugh or mock me.

16- THE PILL. doctor gave me these to help me with depression/hormone problems. (They ended up making me sick and not helping a bit!) And heaven forbid I use them for 'NORMAL' purposes. Having a bad case of 'Virginitis' there really is no point in tossing them in my bag of goodies. I figure maybe they could serve some kind of purpose to someone!?...ya just never know!
17- A candle. I think my lighter fluid is almost gone...but it should last a day or two.
18- THE MOST IMPORTANT...A lifetime supply of tissue. We CAN'T run out of that! BEEN THERE DONE THAT! *wink*

There's a few other odds & ends but the ones I mentioned are probably the most important. Feel free to copy THIS list and get your 72 hour kit ready!
That is all I have to say.

(In all reality...I think with my lack of preparedness, I'm in deep sh*t :)