Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Girls. *Bless our hearts* we are interesting characters. I can admit this! We come into the world being drawn to anything that shines. Shine is defined as anything that reflects light, glistens, glows. A source of radiance.

For me growing up, it was the way the stars sparkled as we slept on our trampoline at night. The way that the sunlight reflected off the water, and all the colored rocks in our ditch. But best of all...It was the smile of the boy who lived on Bella Vista road! I remember when I was little, that I even believed that the moon followed me! That somehow...It was there for just me, to watch over me and to SHINE for me. And that made me happy.

Well things have changed. When they say that "Diamonds are a girls best friend” I think there’s truth to that. But I think it goes far deeper then the worldly idea of it. A Diamond, if held in the sun, will reflect beautiful colors. It is seen as a precious gem. And to most of the world it represents something meaningful, something good, and something LASTING. It is a girl’s best friend...because in most of our hearts we want those meaningful things. We are still drawn to anything that shines!

The irony is how quickly society corrupts the young mind and those beautiful ideas of what shine are. There is now this desire that can become all consuming. This idea that you MUST measure up to the world’s absurd standards. You must LOOK a certain way, you must ACT a certain way, YOU must be a certain way. And how MANY fall victim to such a charade! I like to call it a TINSEL STRUT. Or shall we say, A TINSEL STRUT EPIDEMIC!
TINSEL; Something sparkling or showy but basically valueless. To give a FALTY SHINE!
STRUT; To walk with pompous bearing, self-important gait; A swagger
This idea makes me laugh so hard. If you picture that, you may see what I see. Some girl strutting down a side walk, in her pink stiletto heals, a gob of makeup, her nose in the air...highter than a kite, and NOTHING left for the mind to imagine. It is a FALTY SHINE. And yet it has become the blatant goal of most girls. It entangles them with its whispers of trickery! It is a thief of true beauty and of pure hearts. You can STILL be beautiful without having to delve into the world the Tinsel Strut. Infact the most beautiful girls I know, are the ones that have a shine that comes from a life filled with love, compassion, and kindness. Not a life filled with vanity, snobbery, and selfishness.

One way to thwart such untrue and corruptive thought...is to go back to the basics. Remember those growing up years, and what was important at the end of the day. The simple things to remember what shine really is. It is anything that is "honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and lovely." Shine is LIGHT...and light is what makes a woman BEAUTIFUL.
"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."
~Proverbs 31:10
“Everything that Glitters isn’t Gold” Something we ALL need to remember.