Wednesday, February 06, 2008

*VALENTINES DAY SUCKS*'s approaching too quickly. I had to go to the store the other day and the whole dang place was filled with all this fruffy pink crap! Hearts & Cupids were everywhere. I came to get grocherys! Not walk down Loverz LANES! Then the speaker comes on...with the lady who has to make the cheezy announcements of the specials of the day. (Why is her voice always super high? Is that required while applying for the job?) "Customers, todays special is our freshly baked Valentines cookies! A dozen, deliciously baked, for $1.99" Wow. The only people whizzing over to that counter to buy those are those who are stacking up on V-Day/Single awareness Day junkfood so they can sit at home and gain ten pounds while munching on stale cookies while watching Pride & Prejudice.

I have never liked Valentines Day. Okay...maybe there have been a few years that I liked it. Last year counts as one. Which sadly makes this year even worse! I don't even want to think about it. I know a nice friend/sibling will probably leave a little treat or flower on my door. Sadly, I know I'll pick up the flower and think "That was so nice!" and then I'll burn it to the ground. I admit that I'm bitter, I'm hurt, and possibly hostile. If you spell the word LOVE says EVOL. Does that word sound familiar? It does to me. It sounds like the word EVIL. And that's what Valentines is.


(Oh...the picture is my little monkey friend describing my feelings 'with a heart' about

Mood: Totally Optimistic
Music: Love songs by Chicago (Bahhahah jk)