Saturday, February 02, 2008

*DARKNESS VISIBLE* By William Styron

If ever there was a book that I was meant to read, it is this one. In less than a hundred pages, I found one man on the earth who truly understood me. I have no memory of purchasing this book, but as I searched through my own little library, I found it. I wept through the entire book. I think the whole book is underlined and starred. I kept saying "That's me! That's how I feel!" This man said everything about Depression that I have been unable to say. His ability to express the inexpressible is obviously heaven sent. I felt for a small moment not so alone in the world. I wish I could send it to every person I've ever known. Those who have supported me and TRIED to understand and those who haven't given a damn and encouraged me to "snap out of it." I have had this disease since High School, actually I believe longer. But I have NEVER been able to tell anyone what was truly happening inside me. The title of the book says it all..."Darkness VISIBLE" People can SEE what I see and feel on a daily basis. They get to step in my shoes and see out of my eyes.

I have encouraged all of my family members to purchase the book (none of them have...except my best friend Christine...thanx stine!) But honestly what matters is that I felt validated when I read this in every aspect of this horrible illness. I don't know this man, but I love him. I'm grateful for what he endured. Not because I would wish this on ANYONE...but because it allowed him to understand and express what this prison is like. I am so grateful to have found this book!