Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Not more than a week ago, I found myself wondering with the rest of the world, who is Sarah Palin? Who is this woman who John McCain has called forth from the land with limited sunshine? My first impression was that this lady seemed out of place in the rough and often times cruel, political world. Well tonight I got a good slap in the face reminder of not judging a book by it's cover.

A few hours ago, Sarah Palin gave an incredibily FIERY and powerful speech. The kind that leaves the mouth agape. Within minutes I think she had most of America on the edge of their seats and listening intently. Any speculation that came from the media and the dirty laundry they pulled out, took no presidence over what was now... right in front of their eyes. She completely proved that John McCain is smart as a whip in choosing her. He just pulled out the big guns! I guarantee that not only did she awake the swing voters but the Democrats are sweating bullets tonight.

She is my kind of girl- a full blown spit fire! A spit fire with integrity and strength beyond what anyone would have guessed. She showed that we should never underestimate those who APPEAR weak. I also was fascinated by her depth and candor. I think in the coming weeks and months she will prove that she is not a one night stand, but rather a true north star.

That is also how I feel about John McCain. His roots run deep in understanding. I believe the suffering and trials he experienced for and in behalf of this nation will prove themselves to not have been in vain. The insight and clarity that is gained from such trials are going to present themeselves as keys to unlocking the light that has been hidden in our country since Ronald Regan. I feel peace at the idea of him being at the white house. I think he will stick true to the values that our forefounders built this country on. I like when Palin said,

"We are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and...a servants heart."

Those words are simplisticly profound. And when one governs that way, they are blessed and so are those under their influence and care.

To a girl that is mostly apathetic about politics because of how brutal and contentious it has become, Palin gave me the last notch I needed to make a vote.

(Oh and btw, to the media out there, a little reminder from Palin, You play with the bull your gonna get the horns! :) WATCH OUT!