Sunday, September 28, 2008


(part one)

*The blue flies are BLACK*

The blue flies are black
The crown is forlorn
Grows old in its case
With a vacant face
The beaten backlash
of thunderous thorns
Aiming for wounds
already are torn

Creation and causes
nothing but masks
They wail and weep
Studder defeat


Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

The dawn is soon coming
Why is it so!?
The wrenching and smothering
The pits and the fits
Leave me, leave me, leave me alone!

A price indeed
penniless shame
Mocks as a mustache
Self pity sings blame
The holes from handshakes
Shrapnel and faith
What can it merit?
Pain and fame?

Walk to the isles
Shores in the west
Salt stings!
Flavor is green
Wounds of those thorns
Deep and mean

The blue flies are black
The blue flies are black!
(breathe out silently)
Never, never, never come back

~ A girl named Kim Curtis