Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have always had really bad circulation, especially in my hands. They are always cold. My desktop is so old and it is built in a way that your arm is up higher to use the mouse on the computer- which causes the blood to flow to my elbow and leave my hand looking dead-like and freezing! So last month, I had had enough! I can't afford a new would rather spend my money on a new pair of shoez. (priorities..priorities!:) So I decided to grab an old winter glove that doesn't have a match and put it to good use! I cut the fingers out of it and WALLAH! My very own Cyndi Lauper/Michael Jackson heat glove! My hand is now warm-ER. Yay for my clever ideas! hahahaha

ps I'm warning you right now that you might be seriously jealous and want to make one of your own.

pss Sometimes I'm so embarrassed of myself, it's awesome! I almost wrote about deodorant today, but I'll save that for another time. Ha!