Thursday, September 25, 2008


"I hope they call me on a misssiiooonnnn" hahah Sister Schow, me, and my awesome jacket! Oh and of course the beautiful Provo Temple.My first district, the greatest girls ever! This is the typical MTC pose. Pointing to where your going to serve in the world. That would be me, far right. :)The awesome geek squad. :)Liston, Mclane, Curtis, and Schow.The infamous Elder Liston and his companion, Elder Mclane. :)

In 1995 I chose to serve a mission for my church. I was called to the The Toronto, Canada East mission. I was so happy about where I had been called and truly looked forward to going. I was in the missionary training center for two months. Not only was I called as a proselyting missionary but I would also be working in the geneology centers as a geneology missionary. And THEN I stayed in the mtc a little longer at the call center (I can't remember the exact name of that) and answered questions of those who wanted to know more about the gospel.

My first week was crazy. My companions name was, Sister Lynette Schow. Oh how I loved her! She was hilarious! She kept everything entertaining. For those of you who know me well, you will know that I often say "Rock on sweet rocker!"...that saying came from her! We went to the temple early one morning and as we were walking she woke us up by saying "Rock on sweet rocker!!!" really loud. She was classic.

I found out that first week that I would have two districts. I remember walking in my first day only to find that the room was girls only. WHAT!?? NOOOO! I mean, come on! I had to have the male gender in my classes. And then, to my relief, I found that my companion and I would be in another district as well. One with all girls and one with all guys. (You can imagine how happy the guys were to have two girls in their class.) You should have seen their faces light up when we walked in the door. :)

I found out quickly that they were! I think maybe you could call them "The geek squad"...yeah, this was going to be very interesting. I took my seat and slowly glanced around the room. *Sigh* But then I caught the eyes of one of them. He was looking at me with a puzzled face. And then I was puzzled...suddenly a light goes on! We had both gone to Orem High School. It was Russ Liston. We never really knew each other, but we had mutual friends. Both of us smiled as it was a relief to see a somewhat familiar face. He was NOT part of the geek squad. He was very cute and it made it much more fun for me to go to class. And no, we never did anything wrong, it was a silent crush. :) Throughout our stay at the mtc, I think we both had a deep mutual respect for each other. He was my friend from heaven, I knew that. He was truly one of the pure hearts of the earth. I also learned to love the geek squad quite a bit. :)

My companion and Elder Liston made my MTC experience. There are days that you think, what on earth am I doing? How am I going to make it? I remember one particular day that our district was outside for a break and Elder Liston was standing next to me both of us staring up at the mountains. He kept his head straight ahead and this was our converstaion,

Elder Liston: Sister Curtis, don't you wish you were camping right now?
Sister Curtis: Yes.
Elder Liston: Do you realize that our houses are only a few miles from here?
Sister Curtis: Yes.
Elder Liston: Should we make a run for it?
Sister Curtis: YES!

We laughed and then turned back toward our district and headed back to class. We had testimonies of The gospel of Jesus Christ. We were servants of the Lord and on His errand to teach His children the plan of salvation. We would fulfill what we were called to do. We loved the Savior more than we loved ourselves.

I kept in touch with both Sister Schow and Elder Liston. They became Russ and Lynette after their missions. :) We all hung out for a few years and then they both got married. And you know what happens when your friends get married. They pretty much are dead. You rarely see them again. I hope I run into them someday...maybe I'll find them on facebook. hahah

I will forever be grateful for my MTC experience. For Elder Liston and Sister Schow and all the other wonderful people I met there. When I held my Missionary tag in my hands today, I got a little choked up. (Shocking, I know!)but I can say, that although my mission didn't turn out the way I had planned...I served my Heavenly Father well and I'm glad I went.

ps. You don't have to tell me how cute I was and how awesome my 90's clothes were...I already know. Bah hahahha Sick and wrong!