Saturday, January 31, 2009


1. When I read Kimmy and Pammies 25 things I said "I'm not doing that"... And then I felt guilty! Ya, so here it is guys.. just for you!

2. I hate the phone and sometimes wish I didn't even have one.

3. My sisters love animals, and I tell my Kids I'm allergic so we don't have to get one.

4. I love eighties workout videos and make Joe do them with me, they're a little seductive but so funny and who wouldn't want that eighties body!

5. I wish everyone had a Joe, no seriously, It's a count down the second he walks out the door. Everything is just more fun with Joe! Thank you Kendall and Jamie I never knew that night at the Bon Fire would change everything!!

6. I have worked in a Salon for 16 years now, and stay working just because my clients are some of my favorite friends.

7. Every time I think of my little boy Bleu I get teary eyed because he is so amazing. They're all awesome!! But there is just something about him.

8. I could look at design blogs and think about decorating a house 24 hours a day and I can't wait to do it! As for now I live through my best friends and sisters who are amazing at it!! And who know all the good stuff.

9. I am sad to leave Las Vegas.... I mean who wouldn't miss great food, shopping at all hours of the night, Thunder from Down Under, etc. etc. etc.

10. Speaking of Las Vegas, just before I turned in my mission papers I won a thousand dollars on a quarter machine and I was only 20. Thank you Pammy for stepping up, just in case they would have checked!

11. I still sing "Heavenly Father are you really there" when I get scared. And thank Heavenly Father every day for the spirit of Elijah, because it's healing my family.

12. I Hate that I still get insecure about what you might be thinking.

13. I love to be busy and I have a serious cleaning addiction, I'm just so sad that my house never looks like it!!!

14. I don't miss being a student and cried the day Joe told me he wanted to be an Endodontist. When everyone says "just two more years" I want to fight them!

15. I Wish I was just like my sister Sherri, she is so beautiful and talented. Plus I would have killer make-up!!!

16. When I lived in South Africa I think I could hear my Moms thoughts, sometimes I still think I can. weird huh!!!!

17. I want to go back to school and made Joe promise me when our kids grow up we can live in New York city for a semester.

18. I Hate to watch TV, it gives me anxiety!

19. I love Martha Stewart (the company, not her!) and could sit on their website all day.

20. I Moved to Jackson Hole the day after I graduated High school and am so thankful my best friend came with me!! She is still my biggest Hero!

21. I know all the flavors of Jelly bellies by their tastes..... no I really don't, but wouldn't that be a good thing to know. I always try, I think I'm close.

22. I love the Spring!!!! It's makes me so happy!

23. I like rap music and my sisters think I'm such a nerd!

24. My sister Kim almost died once.. I can't imagine a world without her in it!

25. This is so bad and I am sorry in advance, but one of my old boyfriends gave me his blog and I can't help but check it out on a weekly basis, it's getting to be as funny as the office! I mean lets all admit it..... who would have ever thought we would be flies on the walls of our old boyfriends??