Friday, January 09, 2009


Yesterday an old friend wrote me and let me know that a girl we both worked with has lung cancer and only days to live. She asked if me and my family would pray for her. I replied saying this,

"I will pray for her and her family. There truly is strength in numbers and I believe in the power of prayer. Even if it just transfers her more smoothly to the other side of the veil and brings more comfort to the family."

I'm sad. I'm sad for their family and for her pain. I feel that angels are around her and her family and I do hope that they feel the many prayers in their behalf.

Life is hard. It just is. Today was a hard day with my depression. Everything hurts. My heart hurts, my mind hurts, my body hurts and even my spirit hurts. We all have our battles and I have mine. Sometimes we are a Frodo and sometimes we are a Sam. (If you've never seen Lord Of The Rings, go watch it!) I prefer being a Frodo simply because as I have before stated...I can't stand to watch others suffer. I think the Lord is going to have to take me out of this joint early, because I can't even watch an Ant be stepped on without bawling. :)

I wish we could just be given a few miny breaks where we could walk through the veil and just hang out with the Savior for awhile and rest. Even the beloved Joseph Smith stated,

"Sometimes I get so tired and long for my rest."

As I continued to struggle through the evening, I looked outside and the clouds were illuminated in pink! I grabbed my camera and took a shot of the beautiful sunset. When I put the photo on my computer I found that the glare of my blinds had made the picture appear as though I was looking through a veil. I was looking at a beautiful sky that God had created. He was showing me his handiwork and in his own way telling me that He was with me to give me a miny break. (A VERY SMALL ONE! DANG IT! hahah :) But I feel blessed to know He is there. He is there to welcome home my old friend (bless her forever!), give us miny breaks and to help us all see beyond the veil.