Saturday, January 31, 2009


#1- I hate when people tag me to do stupid stuff like this.. ;)

#2- I'm glad theres not more than 25 things to know about me because I can't think beyond 25!!

#3- I am the mommy of 4 boyz , one on a mission in South Africa, the other in High school, and two that are still practically nursing... One 8, the other 11.. Lol..

#3- My sisters are my "American Idols" not because their good singers, they're NOT! They are kinda like Simon and Paula, always helping me to become a star! :)

#4- I have ALWAYS been scared of snakes. but since I have been divorced... I'm not scared anymore!! Ha! True story...But I stilll don't want to hang out with one... :)

#5- I worked a K.F.C. when I was 16, and in the Salon biz from then tell 6yrs ago when I just became the mom. I owned 2 Salons and a Nail school. And some of my best friends came from there. I still use the K.F.C. motto- If you have time to lean... You have time to clean!

#6- I have gone to the Temple everyweek for almost 12yrs give-or-take a week. I call it the fountain of youth.
I've never seen an Angel there... Lol

#7- I learned to use the computer and type all in the last few years. Thanks to internet dating I've become quite the champ at it!

#8- I still want to have another baby! Outside of Utah, thats okay! :)

#9- I grew up being called by my middle name "Tiffany" but at age 10 started going by my first name "Pam" all my extended family still calls me Tiff,
Wish I'd never changed it!

#10- My little boyz sleep in my bed everynight..! And I sleep in the bunk-beds...
They're scared, what can I say...

#11- I've been single 6yrs, and I miss being married! But I hate dating!!

#12- I work for the state of Utah and the L.D.S church on: (The effects pornography can have on the family) Not the funnest job, but someone has to do it!

#13- Am I done yet?? Lol... Haha...

#14- I grew up as trailer trash, my parents own trailer parks. They're laughing all the way to the bank!

#15- My big brother loves the "Bee Gees" he's the 4th brothers Gibb. Now I love the Bee Gees because of him!

#16- I hate Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayo- If you give me a hamburger with it on it... I just won't eat.

#17- My little boy Zaxter sings "Good morning beautiful" to me every morning. My little boy Jaxton tells me I'm the worst mom in the world EVERY MORNING!!!!

#18- My awesome friend Dianna Simpson got me into MT Biking, but I hate it. I usually wine, cry, and swear the whole way up the mountain... But she keeps taking me... Go figure!! :)

#19- I wrote a childrens book called "Hotel Harbinger" and my friend invented a product to go with it. And we are going to market them together... Oh ya, the product is toothpaste that taste yucky, for kidz who swear... Like Jaxton Haha

#20- I cook big meals everynight and my kidz wish I could just be like any other mom and just make Mac & cheese, or Hot dogs, or Top Ramen. Thats what they tell me...

#21- I'm an advocate for the sinner... Probably because I believe people can change.

#22- I am too little to give blood. I just found that out last week.. Thats just stupid!!

#23- I'm in the best ward in the world. All my neighbors think they are in charge of me and tell me what to do on a daily basis... Ha... I luv it!

#24- My sister Kim almost died once.. I couldn't imagine a world without her in it!!

And last but not least 25!!! I think facebook is a great way to look at all the people who have crossed your path and realize... "It's a beautiful life"