Tuesday, January 27, 2009


5 Years ago I came up with this idea that I wanted to try out with my photography. I wanted to take the past and mix it with modern day. It was a project for me that inspired me. So over the years I have taken my friends and asked them to be a part of this. I told them the look I wanted and then most of the time I let them dress themselves.:) It turned out to be really kool. I entitled the series of photoz, "Travelerz." Sadly I lost many of the photoz when my computer had a breakdown last year and have been unable to recover many of them. Also many of the photoz in the beginning were taken with film and I have never really transfered them to my computer. BUT I still have a few handfuls.

I am now stepping out of the "Vintage" look in my photography. It seems that everyone and their dog suddenly loves vintage. I insist that I was vintage before vintage was kool. ;) hahaha My camera is put away for a season and when & if I bring it back out- there will be a whole new look. No more old cars, suitcases, barns, traintracks...etc. My style will be ALL NEW. So in parting with my old ways, here is a last look at my little series.