Wednesday, February 09, 2011

*30 Day Challenge...Day 2"

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest.

 This is a piece of cake.  It's my best friend of 21 years, Stine.  She is my total opposite and my total twin. I could write a novel about how she has taught me to love God more, love others, love myself, and most importantly she has taught me what real friendship is.  It's when the most bitter trials of life come upon us...not only do you stand by your friend, you carry them and then sometimes you make them laugh until they pee their pants. (Both are required ;)  And most of all you remind them of their worth. I guess I could simply say, she is as kool as Rock & Roll.  And what's kooler than that?  Thanks for being my "ROCK", Christine. ;) I thank Heavenly Father everyday for you and that you have never given up on me.

Ps. This is a photo of us in 1993.  When we wore clothes that looked like mens, crystals around our necks, listened to Pearl Jam all the time, and cleared the dance floors with our awesome moves at THE PALACE & THE BAY! (The girl in the middle is my friend from High School, Emily Beeson Galland.)
Pss. Second photo is us at the Travis concert.  We had been waiting FOR-EV-ERRR for them to come to Utah.  Our joy knew no bounds.  2009