Saturday, February 05, 2011

*Facebook 30 day challenge*

On facebook there is a little post going around about sharing a photo a day from your life and each comes with a different question. Today is day one. It's simply, "Share ten facts about yourself and post a photo of yourself." This is a great way to start catching up on my blog because I've been lacking for so long. ;)

I LOVE perfume. I choose ones that are a bit obscure Charlie from Revlon and Coco Chanelly! bah hahah (sick) Men love the way I smell...what they don't know is I mix and match my perfumes and my lotions and potions. And then I get to rename them because it's MY concoction. I name them, "My skin." And I add a number by it so I know whats what. And so when they ask me, "KIM! What are you wearing? You smell amazing!" I respond, "It's just MY SKIN." Totally awesome.

2. I don't like having a lot of choices with certain food. Let's say there is a restraunt that has a billion entrees. I get so much anxiety. I would rather have someone just pick something for me. But if they mess up and it's grosse than I'm not a happy camper. I also like to share. American portions are way too big. I love sharing...because it's caring and I don't have to leave all this food when people are starving.

3. Everyone knows that I'm not ashamed to be a cat lady. It actually wasn't my fault. I think two is perfect, but then when one was abandoned by a family member, what could I do? So I adopted him and I could never piccture our family circle without him. But that's neither here nor there. What I was going to say is that I actually say prayers with my cats at night. For realz. They are on a schedule just like kids and when they all come to their bowls to eat...I say a prayer. I bless their food, their bodies, and their hearts. Laugh at me all you want. I bet Gods not laughin'! Just sayin' *wink wink*

4. I damn much, it's just rediculous! I am in the top ten most sensitive girls God ever sent to the earth. I cry every single day and have since I was five. If I had collected these tears all these years, Utah would have an ocean! It's not always bad crying and not always sobbing. Like I get teary eyed when I read someones status update...if they are having a hard time or even if there is nothing sad about it. Maybe I just think they are a kool person and I'm lucky to have known them in my life. Maybe their update is so funny that it brings me to the gut wrenching stomach laugh! And that leads to tears coming out. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. :) I cry when I read, when I think too much, and when I don't feel good. I cry over those dumb head boys in the world who have hurt my feelings. I cry for my friends and my family when they are hurting and sad. But most of all I cry when someone I love decides they don't want to be my friend anymore. That's where a sob comes in. Buy hey, don't cry FOR ME Argentina. It's all good...I'm still "All smiles Kim." And I am one tough girl despite my senstivity.

5. I'm addicted to shoez. I am so in love with them. I wish I felt guilty when I buy them...but I don't.

6. I despise exercise. I'm not an "active" girl. I don't run, workout, ski/snowboard, swim/snorkel...or any of that other rubbish. That is SO unappealing to me. I can't lie! It doesn't make me feel good EVER. Even if I was consistant...there is no "high" it's not fun for me and...endorphins? What are THOSE? So yeah. I do like to walk and ponder life at the same time. Sometimes I walk fast. Sometimes I walk slow. Sometimes I saunter or skip. Sometimes I kick rocks and say swear words. That works for me. *shrug*

7. I make the most amazing mix cds ever. My friends and family CRAVE them and treat them as little golden plates. I can't help that I'm good at it. I always have been. Even in High School...people loved my mix TAPES. But I rarely ever make one for a guy outside my family. One funny thing about mix cds is that if you get one from someone your know that the relationship is going well and they are REALLY liking you. (Just for your G-whiz collection ;)

8. My birthday is in March. Don't forget to get me a present! jk I would rather have someone make me a present, write me a letter, a poem, a lamentation (heh heh) or the BEST of all the gang is...a love note/letter. You could widdle me a baby fiddle, or just say or do anything thoughtful. Some say that cleanliness is next to Godliness. But I say, thoughfulness is next to Godliness.

9. I love to love. Whoever I marry is going to be one happy man, because I am going to love his guts out! There will be RARE a day in his life that he does not feel completely adored, respected, appreciated AND feel handsome & smokin' hot. I have A LOT of love to give. I've been saving it...and it's bigger than the universe.

10. I'm dramatic. ;)