Thursday, February 10, 2011


On this day, in 1968, Pamela Tiffany Curtis came into the world...and the world has never been the same. God was kind and allowed me to be her sister. Her name could and will be in some of the greatest books in the world that tell of the greatest stories of heroine's this world has ever known. The kind of women whose acts and life are almost to sacred to speak of...almost to grande for the human language to express. She is courage, she is faith, she is endurance, she is kindness, she is perseverance, she is strength, she is mercy, she is love. She is also her sisters' (plural) keeper. The last 8 years have been grueling for her and for our family. We have had many beautiful things as well...but we have truly been through the refiners fire. We have suffered to a degree that we never dreamed we would have too...and without Pam, none of us would have made it. She is a "behind the scenes" servant. There will come a day when all of her friends, family, and foe's (which are few but sadly cruel and malicious souls) who will be astounded...speechless...and humbled at what she has done in their behalf. She loves with a huge heart and not only loved the easy to love...but has "Blessed them that cursed her, and prayed for those which despitefully used her." I often find myself saying, "WHO ARE YOU?" because she is truly one of heaven's most faithful daughters. And she is WONDER WOMAN!

I could go on and on...but I just want to say that I love her. I think everyone knows that my sisters are my life, my laughter, my partners in crime, my gems. I love them like peanut butter loves jelly. It's that deep. :)

Pammy is not on Facebook anymore, and for those who don't know my sister and those who do...will you do me a favor as friends of mine? Say a little prayer for her...that her LONG awaited blessings will come to her? She has served her heart out and I think it's time for some miracles to happen to her. May this be one of the best years of her life! Bring it on!

Love you Sis, Soph, Sam...hero.